BrainBox Review OTO ⚠️ All OTOs Upsell Links + Demo + Login App Software

BrainBox Review OTO ⚠️ All OTOs Upsell Links + Demo + Login App Software


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BrainBox OTO 8: BrainBox Multi-Income Edition

in this brain Box review I’m going to be showing you a software that’s going to allow you to create your own chat GPT like bot that you can monetize or even sell to others as a service and make sure you stay until the end of this review is I’m also going to show you all the different otos and upgrades how you can get a discount on every single one of them including a discount on the offer you see on the sales page if you’re new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I’m a seven figure affiliate marketer I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals and upcoming software and courses if at any point during this review you want to check out brain box just go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification last thing before we jump in here I just want to show you my bonus page I’ve got a ton of extra bonuses that you’re going to be getting if you purchase this through my link all these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of where your plus after you purchase through my link okay let’s take a look at the sales page two together it says create your own profitable AI business with our revolutionary hard-coded AI app first to Market hard-coded AI app that lets you launch your very own chat gbt like AI chatbot and charge people for using it comes with over 50 AI features that will stun your customers and they say that they profit six thousand dollars a month by charging people to use it now I’m unable to verify income claims however I am able to say that this will allow you to create these little websites that are kind of cool so you can sell create your own chat GPT like uh website and it Taps right into the uh AI the API from chat GPT so you’re actually pulling in information from there now if you go down through here excuse me I lost my voice today if you’re not good on through here you can actually see uh that they’re going to allow you to go and you log in you create your chat bot and you simply put it out there they give you a link and everything for it I’ll show you that in this review and they say profit from it of course your profit is going to depend upon upon what you’re doing with this however there are many ways to monetize this which I will show you inside of this review here so there’s testimonials I don’t know what these testimonials are they don’t really look real to me but and I I don’t think it’s necessary to even do that kind of stuff on these kinds of sales pages so just be aware that if you are going to purchase it don’t purchase it based upon these uh crazy income screenshots purchase it because you want a software that does what this says that it does here so I’m going to go down here to the bottom and show you if you do purchase you’re gonna have access to the uh the software all the different features here now that it shows this price here one thing I will tell you to do on the final sales page make sure you move your mouse away I wouldn’t be surprised if a discount code pops up there I make less as an affiliate by showing you that so please hit the like button I appreciate it okay I’m gonna go ahead and play you a video explain this a little more and showing you a complete demo then I’ll be back to show you the an actual website uh the backend area and the otos and discounts chat over AI allowed us to make 800 to 1300 daily in pure profit if you don’t adapt to this new way of digital living you’re in big big trouble my friend listen chat GPT gained 1 million users in five days and over a hundred million users in just two months of launch even Tech Giant Google just launched its own chat bot called bard AI is a huge opportunity and everyone wants to get their hands on that huge pod now imagine an app that lets you launch your very own chat GPT like AI chat bot in 60 seconds and tap into this monstrous 136.55 billion dollar AI market and grab your own profit share imagine creating an AI chat bot that has more than 50 AI features and can perform a wide variety of tasks from writing editing and proofreading content in more than 55 languages to generating bug-free code and creating stunning marketing assets such as sales copy articles blog posts BSL facebook slash YouTube ads email ebook ebook it can even generate AI based art captivating images and animation videos from any voice command or keyword you enter the best part is you can launch this AI chat bot as your very own with your unique brand and style and charge people for using it monthly or yearly it’s a business in a box I’ve been using it for months now to make a bit over ten thousand dollars every single month now you can have a hard-coded AI app that’ll give you the full potential of AI with zero limitation say hello to brainbox the world’s first AI app that lets you launch your very own AI chatbot with 50 mind-blowing features that’ll stun you and your customers brain box you can forget about paying huge fees for Content writers programmers graphic designers language translators book writers video editors SEO experts proofreaders customer support and other Freelancers brain box handles all that for you using 100 Alexa Siri like voice commands or keywords in any language not only that it’s the only app on the market that’ll give you the ability to launch your own chat GPT like AI chat Bots and sell them to everyone else with zero cost for you and here’s the best part we don’t do any marketing or pay for any ads brainbox does that too it lines up customers who are in desperate need to buy our AI chat Bots this allows us to bank 849.54 every single day with brain box there are no restrictions no downtime no monthly payments no matter what you’re trying to do online you need brain box it works for affiliate marketers Ecom store owners product owners bloggers influencers video marketers local business owners book writers and other niches rain box replaces not just one or two but dozens of apps like quill Bots click funnels writer mid-journey chat GPT canva and more all of those expensive unreliable apps are gone now you can use a better faster and way more efficient app hey there I’m CE and today I’m gonna blow your mind by showing you how simple it is to leverage AI to drive massive traffic leads and sales to your business even if you don’t know anything about AI you’re just four clicks away from unleashing the full AI power Step One log in log in to brainbox cloud-based app step two create with just one click create your very own chat GPT like AI chatbot step 3 launch you’re ready to charge millions of hungry customers for using your very own AI chat bot step 4 profit yep that’s it each chat bot we create we get dozens of customers on a daily basis that pay us money like this to access it amazing I’m sure by now you’re asking yourself how much is this going to cost me in simple words brain box is priceless it’s the first to market app that does everything for you leaving one job to you profit I can literally charge tens of thousands of dollars for it but I make enough money from using brainbox so I don’t need to charge you that I use it on a daily basis so I don’t see why I shouldn’t give you access to it so for a limited time only I’m willing to give you full access to brain box for a fraction of the price less than the price of a cheap dinner which is enough for me to cover the cost of the server’s running brain box but that won’t last long while brain box is impossible to saturate our servers can only handle so many users so sadly I’ll have to limit the number of licenses I can give after that I’m raising the price to 997 dollars monthly and trust me that day will come very very soon so you better act quickly and grab your copy while you can listen right now you have the option to change your life with just a few clicks we created this for people exactly like you to help them finally break through and in the unlikely event that you fail to use brain box for any reason we insist that you send us an email it’s simple if you don’t make money we don’t want your money not just that we’ll send you two hundred dollars as a gift for wasting your time worst case scenario you get brain box and don’t make any money you’ll still get paid 200 for trying it out click the button below and get instant access to brainbox plus an exclusive bundle of bonuses worth over ten thousand dollars see you inside hello and welcome to this tutorial video and I congratulate you for being able to purchase brain bags oh yeah I’m congratulating you because of the massive and exclusive function the software promises now what is the brain battle about who involves is the first AI chat Bots create software that gives you the opportunity to create your own chat GTP live website that you know can help you perform many tags such as writing of Articles you know writing codes creating contents for ebook for your sales copy marketing blog post story just name it right so now to start we you have to create your own chatbot here when you click here you have create chatbot you click on it so you’re gonna have something like this and all you just have to do is to input your bot name and your Bot logo to create your own chat box okay so you input your name here so maybe DNA charts okay now a yeah I’ve done a chart and create something new then you click here for your Bot logo so you pick your logo and click on the phone right and it’s been uploaded already you must make sure that the image must be less than two megabytes in size right then you click and submit and as you can see site successfully created now what you have to do okay you may decide to click on the link here and check the uh chat boards you’ve created but then before that you can actually uh monetize the the chat Bots you’ve created right okay before you monetize it let us click on the chat but we’ve created and you see yeah so what you have to do first I mean as you can see we have voice reply here and once you click on it it will be activated you know it’s activated already and the moment you input any prompts here the response I mean the concept being generated will be read out for you automatically right so now these icon is for you to send and this is for you to do a voice recording and it will be transcribed here I mean if you want it to perform any tasks for you you can just click on this recording um icon here and what whatever it is you say will be transcribed here right so now let’s try out a particular uh prompt here and just like you can see here these um chat boards can actually answer any question on any topic for you is to write codes mean generates content or whatever task it is you ask it to do and it’s gonna do that for you almost immediately right now let us create some let us ask ways to write a code for us we can just say create on exclusive sorry exclusive HTML obtain opt-in page let’s see what’s gonna happen now you click on this icon here oh yeah it has started creating page party the opt-in page ready send zero font size 1.2 m opt-inform with 400 PX margin zero Auto rights and 820px background color and that is done already quality CC form label display lock margin bottom 10px CCC opt-informin enter your email address to get exclusive content email address so now let’s go back to uh bring back so so now you can ask bring back to perform another attacks for us or we can just say create a blog post exploring the top benefits of our weight loss products right if you’re looking to lose weight and get here you go our way I mean the black holes here are the top benefits of our weight loss product you see one increased energy our weight loss product helps to boost your energy levels active and motivated throughout the day to improve metabolism our weight loss helps to speed up your metabolism great e-commerce Thomas called you still now chord I mean just rewriting it and see what uh the output is gonna look like code suitable for us Express me okay let’s say website as you can see product categories Electronics Home and Garden toys and games Sports and Outdoors featured products product One Price a ten dollars at a time twenty dollars add to cart product three price thirty dollars add to carry this is massive this is interesting I mean it’s still writing still writing oh my goodness oh my God this is marvelous now all you have to do is just copy it again Wikipedia cards right and you yeah then you run it and here you go Welcome to our SME eCommerce website through those categories clothing electronics home and guarding toys and games calls and Outdoors I mean a chatbot created all of these itself I mean this is amazing This is highly highly interesting and you’re gonna love it there’s no doubt about that so and that is it whatever it contains whatever outputs that the chat board was actually created for you here you can export that uh as PDF right and the moment you click here it will automatically download as PDF to your computer right we’re gonna make use of the monetized port here just to make sure that the chat board that we’ve actually created here the part we’ve created here we’re gonna monetize it and how do we do that you create a monetize boards and all you have to do here is to just upload the bot Banner here and you click here to choose the file so you pick a banner and click on open and it will show here immediate that so here you have to input your URL and how to get that you can get your link from any affiliate Network such as jvzoo you can get your link from any affiliate networks such as jvzoo Warrior plus ClickBank Etc now to get your jvzoo top offers you click on this link and of course as you can see here you’ll be able to get any product you actually want to promote you’ll be able to access any offer here and the moment you just click on it you’ll be able to I mean promote the offers right now let’s check uh Warrior Clause as well and the moment you click on it you will be redirected as well and once you get to this interface like this you just have to scroll down a bit to access you know the offers here right you can just click on this okay you can just click on this request then here you click on request approver or you may decide to look at the sales page just to read more about it that you click on request approver now here you may write some request notes but it is optional you can just proceed by clicking on request offer here and as you can see subsides your request has been sent to the seller you will be notified via email when the seller at safe or rejects your request and that will say once you receive your affiliate link you just have to return to bring back here and you impute your affiliate link here as you can see I have my affiliate link already and our NPCs here so Warrior plus link then we do next now is to click on these parts and you know you pick the particular chat board that you’ve created earlier right and you link it up so we created AI identity and that is what I have selected here now what you’re doing is to click on submit button here so now as you can see here a Bara is displayed already as you can see here you can also access our chatbot again we have to come to chatbot here you click on it and you click on create bar here and of course you have a list of all the bugs you’ve created and now we have to click on it again to see if the banner will reflect there as you can see we have a banner displayed here already and once any of your customers once any of the users actually clicks and they they will be redirected to a page like these and you know I’ll begin the moments they click on you know the link to make purchase you earn your commission automatically and that is how you begin to you know make money even while sleeping now let us go back it’s very simple the moment you just link it up everything will be fixed for you here and that is it is that a beautiful I believe you’re gonna love it now let’s go back to our print box we’ve got a whole lot of tools here for you to make it up now when you click on AI tools here you have a list of various features you know that you can actually make yourself now here we also have an inbuilt green box apart from creating your own chat box we have uh English bring box here and once you click on it you know just like the chatbot that we created earlier on you know you’ll have especially where you can enter any problems and if you perform any tags for you you either have voice reply here right once you activate it uh whatever output or has been you know given out it’s been read out automatically for you now with this there was inputes are prompts so we can just increase something like this right let’s see what the output will look like so as you can see it’s crazy the keywords for me already do cement production Works related to Mains research main operations practices so now what these AI image generator does for you is to have any image whatsoever that you want now uh let me see well okay now markets markers and the reason Market a Riverside Riverside even decide to change the resolution here and let me pick medium now the number of images that you want I mean you got is it five then generate image so as you can see the images have been generated successfully and now you can just click on any of the images and once you just click on any of the images here you know you’re gonna have it you know zoomed out like this for you and you should be able to download any of the images at all right so once you just come here you click on this button here the image will be downloaded automatically to your computer and that is it you may decide to download all of the images depending on your choice right so that is that and you can decide to delete it I have the delete icon here as well so now let’s take another two here we’ve got some AI image variation you click on it you know these AI image duration of course will allow you to have different um Dimensions different you know variations as to how your image can actually look like you have the original image and as you can see in one of the examples here in you know what I’ve created here already you have the original image here and the image variation here you know gives you a different view of how your image can actually look like you know either dominates or giving you a different sleep you know of the particular position or the particular Outlook of your image now let’s try it out here you just have to increase the name of the image you want to upload here uh let me say okay I’m using another pet okay pet now let’s see then you have to choose the image I mean while you have to ensure that the image must be a square PNG image less than four megabytes in size right now you click on choose file here then you pick the particular image you want to input here then you look at the image resolution you may want to pick medium let me use medium and you know what let me just use one then you generate image and as you can see this is are generated um variated image right here and as you can see there is a huge difference between the original image and the image variation that we have here and you must note the fact that uh the image resolution affects the kind of results you have in your image variation of course right as you can see in the early version of the image in the earlier image that I actually variated right I picked small and that is why the um result I have here is actually sort of small compared to the new one where I picked the medium resolution the medium size of course so you need to put that into consideration now here you can as well download the image I mean the new image variation you have here you can just click on this icon and you download it right that is amazing and once you download it you have the variated version on your computer right and that is that so uh we have another two here which is image to video AI image is the video and once you click on it like this you will be taken to these interface and this is where you’ll be able to create a video slide show maker where you’re going to put some of your pictures together and turn them into AI video of course now the very first thing you have to do here is to click on select photos to you know uh Mark the pictures you actually want to make is up click on this there are once you’ve marked you know all the features you want to use you just click on open and you click on upload photos and so you have the photos here you can just scroll down to check you can find if the pictures are all there right there or there good now you can as well add an overlay text to each of the photos you have here like here you can just say uh environment is love so and after doing that meanwhile you must ensure that this button is actually activated so you make use of the overlay text of course it should be there automatically like that for you now you you can impute any audio file you have on your computer once you click on it you’ll be able to you know upload that yeah but then we’ve got uh Sam here for you and um you can just be real you may decide to pick another one but then I’m using the one here already dreams then you can play it here and check if it’s actually working right then you know create video make sure that you you can actually create either HD video or full HD anyone you want to pick that is your choice right so picking HD now let’s create video so God is loading already you have to wait a little bit here so it’s 100 already download the video here [Music] thank you [Music] so that is that about the AI image to video so now let us look at AI E major diesel you just click on it like this and you have the interface here and what’s your required to do here is to upload two images One original image and one mask image I mean the mask image will be um it will just be like your original image but it has to be a matched image a masked version of the original image right and you must ensure that both images are in PNG formats and that they are not they do not exceed for a megabyte right so you choose it here foreign then you can you pick the mask image you open and you can just say snake okay put a snack there you scroll down you can change the resolution in the light or number of images now at this image as you can see the image has been generated successfully here you’ve got the original image here and you have the detailed image here now you can just click on it to view and as you can see we have the snake in our image now right because uh when I input The Prompt here I want I wrote a snake and that is why you have a snake in the picture and the image here and it’s appears on the maps um part of the image right so that is it you can actually put something else if you like depending on your choice okay so that is that about image editor as well you also have image Library you click on it and you’ll be taken to this interface right where you have different images and any image you just cover from you depending on your choice any image can actually show off depending on what usage here let me set for a cow cow let’s see if that will come out go there you click on these because that’s right and of course you can save it on your sister I just click on Save and it is saved it’s downloading here already right so you can have that and you can search for anything just name it in search for anything of your choice right so that is that and we also have as part of our AI choose AI video library and here is the interface for AI video library to check for any video you want okay let’s say uh raise okay let’s erase all let me include um now to raise let’s say something will come out yes so that’s it and these are the videos and you can just click on any one of them and it will start playing okay this is playing already as you can see that’s a raise that’s the range you can play these to chat as well again as you can see they’re moving already and of course you can play any of the videos and you know they will play for you so that is that about that thank you very much okay so we are back so this is what an actual site looks like it’s not like super super pretty but in my experience actually online I’ve always found that pages that aren’t necessarily that pretty can convert the best so if we look at this right here this will actually give you your own kind of like chatty PT type site we can type in stuff here and you can monetize it and that’s what this Banner is at the top there excuse me I don’t know what’s happened to me today uh so you can actually uh be able to monetize this anywhere you want have your own link on it and the cool thing about this is you can actually share this around the internet and you’re actually sharing a something that’s useful for people so they’re much less likely to get angry just because you’re sharing a chat bot that they can actually use that you’re monetizing and you can also sell these to people and they can have their own like if they’ve got a business they can have their own chat bot for their business uh that they can send their customers to and they can monetize that as well and brand it to themselves now there are multiple uh oh here’s the back end area where you can create your chat bot and everything right inside of here and control it there are multiple upgrades first one is the unlimited version it removes all limits and it will remove the uh it it puts it on on autopilot it uh allows you to do unlimited chat GPT like AI chat Bots under your own branding unlimited question and answers just takes up any limits on this now make sure you move your mouse away you can get a 120 discount if you do that and pay just forty seven dollars for this one again I make less as an affiliate so please hit that like button next one uh this is a they’ll actually set everything up for you move your mouse away you get a 200 discount this one’s 97 next one is this is an automated version move your mouse away you can get a 20 discount next one is they’re going to teach you how to make high ticket uh commissions I think they’re going to give you the rights that probably promote something the Thai ticket uh you can get a 20 discount if you move your mouse away uh this one is another one that is going to be sending you traffic move your mouse away at 100 discount then they’ve got another one for you can actually create accounts for people it looks like an agency license you get a hundred dollar discount if you move your mouse away and then uh you can actually resell looks like the entire funnel with this one move your mouse away get a hundred dollar discount all these otos are optional pick and choose the ones that you want and forget the ones that you don’t okay so what do I like about brain box and what don’t I like about it if I just say something that I don’t like about this the website that it creates isn’t the fanciest thing I’ve ever seen in the world so very basic uh one page site with monetization on it that has the chat box so if you’re looking for something that’s like really complicated and really high tech then this isn’t for you what do I like about this it’s kind of a neat idea uh it’s one of the newer ideas that I’ve seen of this I’m pretty sure we’re going to see more of like similar products like this coming out in the near future so if you’re looking for a way of being able to have your own branded chat GPT or sell this as a service to others then check this out thank you so much for checking out my brain Box review if you want to take a look at it go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out on the YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit the Subscribe button and Bell notification as always thank you so much for watching I’ll see you again in my next video thanks

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