hey there this is tim furdau and welcome to my brand elevate review now in a nutshell brand elevate allows you to find influencers on youtube tick tock twitter and instagram uh and it allows you to send messages to those influencers in a private inbox so that you are organized inside of one system and then you can contact those influences and ask them if they want to post on their instagram stories on their instagram wall on their twitter on their youtube channel just whatever you prefer which network so just you can make deals with them and you can handle that all inside of this system with a special messaging system now i’m going to show you a full demo going to show you everything on the inside but before i do so i want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about the pricing because right now i don’t have that ready so make sure you check out that link everything will be listed on my page so that you have a good overview there is a bundle deal that i’m aware of where you can get the whole funnel for a one-time price and also some extra bonuses that you’re going to get if you pick up brand elevate through my link so make sure to check that out all right let me show you what brand elevate is and how you can use it so right now i’m logged in into brand elevate and it starts by creating a campaign now you click on this big blue button and you give this a campaign name so i’m going to call this brand elevate review campaign and then you can add here the promoted url so the url that you’d like to promote so let’s say i want to promote my website i’m gonna do uh tim here and i’m gonna click on create so now i’ve created a brand new campaign uh that i can use let me actually remove a few parts here yeah so right now i can start searching for influencers now it works really simple you click here at the blue button here at the top you click on add influencer and right now you’re getting a list of all influencers on the different platforms as you can see here these are already suggestions here this is one of 3.6 million followers 2. 56 million followers but you can search yourself by using uh the right search bar here at the right you can specify what you would like to use so you could search here by username or account name so if you know the accounts you can search here and here you can switch between the different platforms so you can say i want to search for all those platforms but let’s say you only want to search on instagram then you simply search on instagram you will get all the recommendations from instagram so let’s say you want to do affiliate marketing or affiliate something with affiliate then you’re going to get the suggestions for affiliates or if you want to do everything about marketing then you’re going to get these suggestions for marketing here as you can see you get all the results here so what you can do also and i think this is one of the upgrades to get more filters make sure you check that out is that you can also search for a specific amount of followers so let’s say you only want to have those those influencers that have 10k to 100k followers you can simply select this one and then you get the results for everyone that has more than 10k followers and the same is 400k to 1 million or 1 million plus or you can also specify here yourself this is a manual specification if you like that but here you can search for all different kind of influencers now let’s say we want to search on instagram for influencers and we want to reach out to them so we can say hey nina marketing we like to contact ninja marketing you can click on select and now you have added ninia marketing to your campaign and you can search for more influencers so let’s say you also want to have this person add it and this is a twitter one uh this just for the example here to add a few uh influencers in here this is 3.2 million users or followers so you can see this is one campaign with different influencers that i want to reach out to and ask them if they want to do a promotion for me now how it works is really simple so basically this is a messaging box or you can message those people now the first time you cannot message them directly so here it says contact influencer so when you click on this it will open a new window with the instagram account so in this case it’s an instagram account and when you click here on message you can send this influencer a message uh inside of instagram now how it works is you see this login here with nina marketing what you can do here is you can click on this log here and it will give you an access url any access code so what that will do is you copy this url and then you send the message to this influencer i’m not going to do that right now because i don’t know this person but basically what you do is you paste your message in here at the bottom as you can see so here you paste your your url and your message with your call to action and then you hit send so let’s say you say something like hey uh we’re interested in working to have a cooperation with you would you like to promote this and please let me know yeah how much you charge for a post on your instagram walls stuff like that you send that to that influencer uh with this link and this code now what will happen is let me open an incognito screen here uh because i already been cookie so this is what the influencer will see here you will get an access code and then also here uh they type in this access code so what will happen is they access this access code and right now here they are now able to communicate with us and say hey tim how can we work together and here at the right side you see promotional medias here so you can also add the that made the media yourself now how do you do that first let me send this message here hey tim how can we work together so when we go back to our campaign in here i’m going to hit close you see this message now from the influencer uh is in here so you can start sending messages to this influencer so you can do this for each and every single influencer but you can also hear at the right side this is something that i forgot to mention here is you can also upload your own promotional media or you can do an url to your video so let’s say you created a youtube video here with a message for this influencer so let’s say i’m gonna gonna grab this video here’s the build website and i’m gonna grab this url what i’m gonna do here i’m gonna paste that url in here so let’s say this is a message for the influencer that you’ve recorded or it’s an image with all the info in here you can save these changes and when the influencer goes to that page they will see here also the promotional media here so they click this video and they can see exactly what you want from them and then also the promotion url but you can communicate here to a private environment without distractions so i can say here hey uh hey we would like uh like to work with you and then you can say etc the info etc etc and you can message back and now the influencer will get this message hey we would like to work with you and then you can tell what you like to have from this influencer so what you will have is an inbox for all these influencers for all these specific influencers where you have your own conversation with those influencers and yeah you can use the power of those influencers to promote your own products now this is one aspect inside of brand elevate but there’s more here at the left side you have some more options and probably this can also be one of the upgrades but there’s also here let’s go from the bottom to the top there’s also a link tracker so let’s say i want to drag a video let’s say i want to track another video or i want to check this url to my youtube channel here what i can do is i can add a new link in here i’m going to create this link and this is my youtube channel i can go to the analytics and i can see exactly where the people are coming from so let’s say i’m going to copy this url in here i’m going to paste that in my browser now you can see redirecting to this channel now this link has been redirected to my channel and when i refresh this page i can see exactly here when i zoom in you can see here this comes from the netherlands where i am right now so you can track your links in here as well you can see the daily uh visits etc you can see the different browsers what kind of desktop phone or tablets they are using at the moment that they’re clicking on your links so this is a complete link tracker that you can use with short links as well to send them to your influencers in the conversations as well another option is the image editor that you can use inside of the platform so you can simply upload an image or create an image so when you use one of these images you can start creating or designing these images so you can you can draw on these images um you can do all different kind of stuff different brush sizes you’re going to have at text here so if you want to add a white text you simply uh add this to the image in here and you can add that you can you can change that so you can say these are mountains and you know you can add all different kind of stuff so you could do shadows to your text in here the offset and offset y here you can you can add that not sure why i cannot i need to click that i guess yeah so here it can do that and apply this add some multiple things i can add shapes to these images arrows so i want to point something out here different stars all different kind of of uh [Music] different kind of uh how do you call those things shapes you can add those to your images stickers so if you like to add stickers to the beach something like that you can add them so this is a it’s a simple image editor that you can use to modify your instagram or twitter images the images that you want to use inside of brand elevate and you can save them they will be stored inside of your gallery you can also upload your own images and edit them inside of brand elevate and then the next thing is a store builder so you’re also able to create your own store inside of brand elevate so when i click here on create store i can start creating my own store so i can give this a name i’m going to call this review store because we’re reviewing this product right now you can give your contact information name or email and phone number so i’m gonna say one two three four five six seven eight and then your call to action get abc here and then the call to action https and um and then you can upload your logo as well so let’s say we oh you can grab that from the gallery picker or you can enter a logo url so right now i don’t have that available and then here you can choose from two different storefronts so let’s say i want to use this pop over then i can click on create and now i’ve created my store so when i view my store there’s nothing in here there is one something in here this is the other store so you can see i already added some products in here so this is my ig store this is my review store so you can add uh all different kind of stores inside of your brand elevate account yeah so if you want to reach out to other influencers about a specific niche you can create a store for that and you can create a store for another subject in here as well so how it works is you can go you can view your store here so this is the store that we just created it’s empty but what you can do is here when you open this store you can add categories so let’s say you want to do shoes and then in here you want to do you could do different shoes so you could do running shoes if you promote something with shoes and then you could do um football shoes and then add this category so you can add all different kind of categories and then you can add your products as well so simply give your product a name so you can say running shoe a running shoe and then you could do blah blah blah you can give the description and then here you can choose your category so these are the categories that we just created so let’s say we want to do running shoes we do running shoes and then we can enter a product url so let’s say running shoes let’s quickly search one and let’s say we want to sell amazon shoes for example the shoes that we have on amazon we can simply go to amazon in here i think this is an amazon this is a running this is not amazon but let’s say this is this is amazon you can simply grab the url in here yes all those pop-ups annoying pop-ups copy image address you go back to your brand elevate store and you enter the url in here or you can upload your images to your gallery and then purchase now and then https so this could be amazon your affiliate link or whatever and then you can add your product so now when we visit our store when we go back to the stores to store builder and i’m gonna view this store you can see that there’s added one product to our store now you can modify all the things inside of your store so when you open this store here you can add products you can add pages terms and conditions privacy settings you can change the theme so there are two themes in here with the banner text the sub tags the foot footer background the footer color you can change that in here and then also you can add this to your own domain as well so if you like to run this shop on your own domain you can do that again you can enter your logo and your social media accounts you can add those here as well and then the footer text you can change that and you can save that and then your store is ready now i have to say that these stores cannot have a checkout system so this is really to forward your products to your video products or to an external store that you own or like i said an affiliate store where you can make commissions of your products so this will create a store inside of rent elevator then you can make commissions by redirecting people to the real stores and one thing i forgot to mention is when you go back to brand elevate here let me go back to the main app is that you can also favorite uh your influencers so let’s say here you go through these influencers you can say okay i want to have this one you can favorite this influencer you can favorite this one and say okay i’m going to favorite this one already done that and this one then when you go here to your favorites you can see all the favorites that you uh have saved in here and then you can click add to campaign and you can choose to what campaign you want to add this to so you can say okay i want to have this to my influencers campaign then you click on add and i want to add this one to the influencers campaign i want to add this one to the influencers campaign and then the next one i want to end that to the demo campaign in here so when you go to the campaign manager and go to the influencers campaign you can see they’ve been all added to this campaign and you can now start communicating with this influencer and that is basically what brand elevate is all about it’s about finding influencers and reaching out to those influencers within a close private messaging system so if this is interesting to you then again there’s a link in the description of this video make sure to check out all the details on my page there is a bundle deal available to get all the upgrades as well so check out the details about the upgrades and also you’re gonna get some extra bonuses as well hey thank you so much for watching if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below please hit that thumbs button if this video was useful and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel if you’d like to stay updated with my reviews hit that notification bell so that you get notified each time i upload a new video hey that’s it for today thank you so much for watching and i hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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