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Do you like to give a lot of presentations? Do you often find it difficult to remember everything you want to say? Sometimes when you are speaking, your mind goes blank.

This can be really embarrassing, but PromptSmart has a solution for you. Promptsmart is a personal teleprompter that automatically scrolls the text you want to say when you speak so you don’t go blank.

If you have ever thought that you need a teleprompter then this blog will tell you why PromptSmart is the solution.

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Today, I’m going to introduce you to Prompt Smart: The smart teleprompter app that uses voice-recognition scrolling to help you make better videos.

What Is PromptSmart?

The PromptSmart is a powerful teleprompter and presentation tool that allows you to present anything on your computer using a simple handheld remote control.

It works with any application, for any purpose – anytime, anywhere!

Using PromptSmart With voice-tracking technology that only scrolls when you speak, you can read your script at your own speed.

View your script on mobile and desktop by selecting regular, inverted, duplicate, or semi-transparent display choices.


PromptSmart is the world’s #1 brand for teleprompter software and video production solutions.

☞ Patented VoiceTrack technology

VoiceTrack scrolls automatically as you talk, stop when you pause or makeup something on the spot, and starts up again when you go back to your script.

☞ Apps + web-based support tools

You can manage content in your My PromptSmart customer portal, push changes in real-time, clone duplicate displays, and view and change the prompter text from a web-based control room. Completely encrypted.

Audiobook narrators

Use our flagging system to set up waypoints that you can get to quickly by using keyboard shortcuts.

☞ Salespeople

By setting up story blocks in the iCast web editor on Prompt Smart, you can record personalized video messages one after the other.

☞ Social media influencers

To avoid giving the impression that you are reading, place the text just next to (or under) the camera that is facing you.

Corporate Life

You can now put a semi-transparent PromptSmart presentation window on top of your meeting room. This makes it easier to give your presentation at an online conference.

☞ Actors

Use Prompt Smart to submit video auditions and put your best foot forward in the process.

☞ Clergy

Make contact with the members of your church. Make your speech sound more natural by utilizing PromptSmart, and deliver your message with full assurance.

Live public speaking

Live presentations to an audience. Utilize PromptSmart either for the event itself or for practice purposes.

☞ Education

Educational apps for students of all ages. Also, teachers can easily make online lessons with PromptSmart.

Learn more about Prompt Smart. Go to the Official website>>>

Prompt Smart Pricing

Looking for a prompter app that can help you with your presentations or video productions? Here are the pricing plans and features offered by PromptSmart:

Starter Pack:

  • Includes access to iOS and Android PromptSmart+ apps
  • PromptSmart Studio Edition for Windows and macOS
  • Web-based document editing and cross-platform content sync
  • View and control prompter text from a mobile or web Remote Control solutions
  • Works best for going solo or smaller operations
  • $9.99/month or $99.99/year


  • Includes everything in Starter, plus:
  • Support for multiple, browser-based Remote Control Room sessions
  • Stay organized with up to 10 nested folders
  • Ideal solution for most in-person or remote workplaces
  • Suitable for small to mid-sized collaborative teamwork
  • $19.99/month or $199.99/year


  • Includes everything in Team, plus:
  • Control your information. Support for mobile app management in (iOS only)
  • An admin panel to add or remove sub-users
  • Credentials and content will differ for each sub-user. No sub-user limit
  • Best for large operations

Checkout Prompt Smart All Pricing Plans


If you want to look professional when presenting in front of an audience, a teleprompter is the ultimate tool.

Ideally, you want a teleprompter that is easy to use, fast, and helps you deliver a presentation that will get your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

To get all the details about PromptSmart’s amazing features and to see everything this software has to offer and how it can help you record better videos with less stress.

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our article, and it makes us happy to know that we were able to help you learn something new!

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