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What Is Ultimate AI?

Have you heard of Chat-GPT? It’s an AI program that can write articles, research topics, and create sales letters. However, there’s a way to turn it into a cash machine with the “Ultimate AI,” a program that provides advanced “cash hacks” for using GPT to build websites, code software, create videos, and drive traffic.

To use the “cheat codes,” you’ll need to be an advanced “prompt engineer” with technical skills and choose the appropriate AI model and settings. Once you’ve created the prompts, the AI takes care of everything. One command can be used on any topic indefinitely.

For example, you can create an affiliate campaign by using the “affiliate site” prompt and pasting some words about an affiliate program, and you’ll have an instant $400/day campaign. The “Ultimate AI” provides fifty done-for-you AI sequences that are proven and tested to generate income.

Chris, the creator of “Ultimate AI,” has been using AI since 2018 and has been making millions for fifteen years. He’s sharing his most profitable prompts to let you automate your entire six-figure affiliate business. You only need to open the “DFY AI app,” paste text from any website, and click go, and the AI will build you a new, unique, income-generating asset.

The “Ultimate AI” provides fifty income-generating assets that are all tested and proven by Chris, with case studies to back them up. Each method that made him money has turned into a super-advanced mega-prompt that lets you paste the text into a website and let the AI do the rest. These prompts can help you make over $100/day, $400/day, and even $2500/day, and it’s all automated, copy-paste, and done for you.

About Author

Meet Chris X, an accomplished professional with years of experience and a track record of generating six to seven figures in income through his team’s business expertise. With his hard-earned success, he has created a software suite that allows anyone to benefit from his profitable marketing methods.

Chris X’s software suite includes DFY AI, AI Whisperer, 2-Click AI, and more, all of which have produced impressive results that I have personally experienced. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to join us in this prosperous venture. So, let’s dive into The Ultimate AI Review and explore its powerful features without delay.

The Ultimate AI Features

The Ultimate AI is a 50-in-1 app that uses AI technology to provide a range of services. This all-in-one app is designed to help anyone make a profit with Chat-GPT in 2023. With features like Automatic Freelance Jobs, AI Traffic, Affiliate Promos, and more, the app is perfect for those looking to automate their businesses.

The app can create browser-based software, Google Chrome extensions, eCovers, device mockups, and Notion templates. It also provides AI photos, brand names, logos, comic books, and children’s books with illustrations and narrative that can be customized. Additionally, it can create affiliate websites, video games, eCommerce products with mockups, pro copywriter headlines, email subject headers, AI music, PDF reports, articles, video sales letter scripts, full sales page websites, HD PRO videos with scripts and voices, viral tweets, stunning AI videos, graphics, and voices for any website.

The Ultimate AI app can help you fulfill any freelance job on platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. With just one paste, you can create all of this and more. So, join the prosperous venture of The Ultimate AI and experience its powerful features.

Here are some of the assets that can be generated using The Ultimate AI, a powerful tool for creating various assets:

Software tools: The Ultimate AI can create software tools, including the five software programs on the front end, that can be customized for any niche or audience without the need for developers.

Cloud-based video games: The AI can generate images and create games on the fly, with fully customizable sprites and graphics, which is perfect for game developers who need to create games quickly and easily.

Banner ads: With The Ultimate AI, you can create ads for any niche or product with a prompt that generates a 1000×1000 banner ad with preloaded copy, three images, and a background image, ready for immediate use.

Complete 10,000-word PDF ebooks and reports: The AI generates high-quality reports for any niche by running a two-step prompt that prepares a thorough table of contents and summary before you generate the prompt.

Google Chrome extensions: The AI can create new extensions for any niche by just pasting in some text from the website or niche you want the extension for.

Stock-level images: The AI generates stock-level images and photos with just a few words, perfect for designers who need high-quality images quickly and easily.

Expert-level MidJourney prompts: The AI creates world-beating MidJourney prompts for any niche based on specific rules and formulas that are a mix of keywords and additional prompts that work particularly well on MJ.

Viral tweets: The AI writes pithy viral tweets based on today’s Google News by selecting the best topic and writing the tweet with hashtags.

E-commerce products: The AI creates exclusive e-commerce products from scratch by extracting keywords and inserting them into dozens of proven e-commerce designs.

Pro-level affiliate reviews: The tool creates affiliate reviews from scratch for video scripts or websites, perfect for affiliate marketers who need to create reviews quickly and easily.

Affiliate bonus reports: The AI recommends perfect bonus reports to give away to people who buy through your affiliate link and then creates them for you.

SEO mega-articles: The AI generates 1,000 to 2,000-word articles based on clear SEO guidelines that “white-hat” mega-sites follow by inputting some text, choosing the topic, and picking a title to receive your article.

AI Detection Breaker: The Ultimate AI produces high-quality content focused on high-volume buyer keywords that Google won’t penalize and includes an AI Detection Breaker feature that makes any article super human-readable, even tricking AI detectors and improving readability.

Websites (bridge pages): The AI creates a new, professional landing page with a style sheet, sales copy, and even Javascript by pasting the text and affiliate link into The Ultimate AI and clicking GO.

AI-Generated Video Clips with StableDiffusion: The Ultimate AI generates video clips from text with the StableDiffusion feature, ensuring high-quality output that can earn you $300 commissions in just an hour.

Instant Slide-Video From Any MP3: The tool creates a slide animation with perfectly synced timings and layouts from an MP3, making it easy to share on any platform.

YouTube to YouTube video spinner: The Ultimate AI generates unique, respun versions of any YouTube video, complete with three suggested titles for maximum impact.

Freelance Automator: The AI helps you create a full response to the client’s job description, complete with specific details and questions to win a freelance job quickly, and you can even generate a prompt for another AI to complete the job and a sample for the client.

VSL Script Creator: The Ultimate AI’s VSL Script Creator breaks down sales scripts into ten steps

Frequently Asked Questions on Ultimate AI:

Q: How can I earn $xxx to $x,xxx daily using AI?

A: You can instantly access the Ultimate AI software on your browser and utilize the same methods that generated profits for us.

Q: Which AIs are profitable in this software?

A: Chat-GPT 4, the latest edition as of April, is used in conjunction with two other AIs. Additionally, the software collaborates with several other AIs.

Q: Does Ultimate AI work with any website? Can I just copy and paste?

A: Yes, Ultimate AI works with any website. You can copy chunks of text from your website, an affiliate offer, or your competitors and paste them into the AI. They suggest that you copy and paste at least 50 words for the best outcomes.

Q: I’m a retired technophobe who’s easily confused. Can this program help me?

A: The beauty of AI is that no one else knows how to use it either, except for me. That’s why I’m presenting this course in an easy-to-understand way. By the end, even beginners will have a grasp on it.

Q: How can I make money with AI right now?

A: There are numerous methods. If you engage in regular marketing, we will provide you with numerous templates and tactics. Furthermore, we will offer you specific case studies on how I earned $135, $446, and even $2,259 per day using AI. We delve deeply into each approach and give you the “copy-paste blueprint.”

The Ultimate AI OTOs

The Ultimate AI is available at an early bird discounted price for a limited time. Choose the option that suits you best before this special offer ends!

The Frontend – Ultimate AI ($15) is an all-in-one software suite that uses five powerful AIs to automate all of your core money-making systems. With 50 done-for-you copy-paste systems, this software can generate daily profits of up to $2,000.

But wait, there’s more! The OTO 1 – Ultimate AI Pro/Unlimited Edition ($47) unlocks the full potential of Ultimate AI, allowing you to run even more prompts and longer sequences to increase your speed and potential profits by 500%. You’ll also gain access to five profitable prompt sequences and systems not included in the front end, potentially allowing you to make up to $5,000 per day.

For those seeking even more power and versatility, the OTO 2 – Buildrr ($97) reveals the secrets to generating unlimited media and software tools unlike any other app on the market.

Looking to create entire video courses with AI? Check out the OTO 3 – Elite AI Video Suite ($97), which includes multiple software tools, a new AI Chrome extension, and an entire video course hosting platform with resell rights – all done with the power of AI.

In addition, the OTO 4 – AI Whisperer Gold Edition ($17) provides an introduction to generative AI, including some extra features.

Finally, the OTO 5 – Push Pro AI Edition ($97) is an AI-powered push auto-responder that allows you to build unlimited leads of web push subscribers and turn any website into a web push subscription.

To sum up, if you’re searching for an efficient method to automate your online business and increase your income, then The Ultimate AI is definitely worth considering. This robust tool can assist you in generating top-notch content in a fast and effortless manner.

Although there may be a few downsides, I believe that overall it is a superb investment for anyone who wants to elevate their online business.

Thank you for taking the time to read The Ultimate AI Review! I sincerely hope it has aided you in making an informed purchasing decision. This offer is accompanied by several bonuses for early bird customers. Don’t hesitate to take action right away to secure the best deal.

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